Tulsa SEO / Internet Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Starting at $250 / Month to Month
Site changes, hosting, and SSL included

Your website can’t make money if it can’t be found on todays search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) require time and effort to get your site optimized for search engines. We have been doing SEO since 1999 and have made our clients money by following each search engine’s ever changing requirements and monitoring their sites closely. You can trust our Tulsa web designers to create an excellent website for your company, and to help you make it profitable!

Do you know what your SEO company is doing for you?

We inform our clients of each step we do for their custom SEO. Proper search engine marketing involves a vast array of services:

Keyword Research

The first step is determining the proper keywords to use that bring the most traffic to your site. We want to make sure the client understands the best keywords to go for that will bring the best targeted clients to their site. The right, high target market can drastically increase sales and not just traffic. We spend a lot of time, at our Tulsa web design company, consulting with clients over this process as it’s crucial to see consistent results. Many times clients want keywords that are too broad or too narrow. Our Tulsa web designers are here to help with the fine line between relevant keyword numbers and relevant keywords that sell.

Website Content

Nothing is more important to placing on the search engines than the information that is on the website. It can’t be stressed enough that content is king. Any SEO program that does not involve altering the text on your site, will more than likely never work. We optimize your website by strategically placing your keywords the right amount of times on each page as well as the correct placement throughout the site. Optimization includes us adding text, links, keywords, and other content to help with placement. We work closely with our SEO clients to make sure the text is not only optimized, but sells the products and or services as well.

Custom Monthly SEO Review

This is the crucial part that keeps communication between our client and our SEO personnel flowing. Communication from both parties is crucial in not only selling the item or service properly, but getting it out to the masses.

Paid Advertising Assistance

Paid Ads (Pay per click – PPC) are a great way to increase traffic and income quicker than organic placement. Consultation and assistance for search engine PPC is INCLUDED in our SEO package. They can be effective if done properly, but can easily overstretch a budget if not done properly. Also included is free consultation including keyword research and what to expect from the clicks and how much projected cost of the ads.

Social Media

We offer social media assistance that is relevant to your site and service. Article placement, blog post, and other miscellaneous ways of optimizing the site. Working with other outside sources to improve your web site ranking.

Competitor Analysis

Comparing your site to the top 10 – what’s missing and what’s right.

Other Implementations

  • Automatic weekly reporting sent via email showing your placement status on search engines for each keyword phrase and how many spots your site moved up or down in placement.
  • Location Pages – These are vital if you want to place under more than just 1 city.
  • Articles – we have 7 article sites and building more out on the web. We will write relative articles for your company / services that link to your site.
  • Adding proper meta tags to every page in your site. (includes canonical tags)
  • Creating a sitemap and link to every page from it.
  • External Links via our AWS Links Program exclusively for Ambitious Web clients.
  • Creating a XML sitemap. Updated monthly.
  • Monitoring your website stats.
  • All internet marketing consultations via email or phone will also be included.

All techniques used by Ambitious Web Services are 100% Search Engine acceptable. We do not rely on trickery or manipulation of search engine processes and we always use software that is search engine friendly. Using manual techniques, we work closely with the client to assure they can be profitable using the web. We succeed when our clients succeed!