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Things to consider when choosing a web design company

In today's business world, it is crucial to have a fully functional, responsive website. Well built websites can help you achieve nationwide or even a global market. If done correctly.

Why web design and SEO are essential

Most business owners that call about our Web Design & SEO services are either really frustrated by their current results or have tried the DIY type design packages. A website is more than an online business card, it's a tool that should gain revenue while having easy to access information.

How long do I need an SEO company?

For a quick answer: ALWAYS, never quit doing internet marketing.

Geotargeting vs. Geofencing

Geotargeting can be great for any website owner that needs to show certain content based on a users region. You will be able to group countries, cities, states and zips in order to make it easier to target users. Redirecting users to a page that is specifically about their region or gives special pricing base on their region. Example: If you are selling NCAA apparel from all D1 colleges, customer in Oklahoma can see colleges from Oklahoma when hitting the website.

What Full Service SEO REALLY means

Many of our clients receive emails from SEO companies stating that they can do full SEO for very little money. Often less than $100 per month. We have yet to see any effective SEO that has worked at the small amount of work they do for that.