Difference Between Guaranteed Local Ads and Google Ads

Difference Between Google Guaranteed Local Ads and Google Ads

In  the world of online advertising with Google, two popular options for  businesses are Guaranteed Local Ads and Google Ads. Both help businesses  reach customers, but they work differently. Let's explore these  differences in simple terms.
Guaranteed Local Ads
What are Guaranteed Local Ads?
Guaranteed  Local Ads are a type of online advertisement specifically designed for  local businesses. They focus on reaching people in a specific area, like  a city or neighborhood. This is great for small businesses like  restaurants, shops, and services that rely on local customers.

How do they work?
With  Guaranteed Local Ads, businesses pay a fixed amount for their ads to  appear. The ads are shown to people who are nearby and likely to be  interested in the business. The key point is that the business knows  exactly how much they will spend and the ad will be shown for a  guaranteed number of times or a specific period. The ads appear ABOVE  the standard Google ads, at the top of the of the search results page.  Giving local businesses the best exposure.

Benefits of Guaranteed Local Ads:

Local Focus: Ads reach people in the immediate area, increasing the chance of getting local customers.
Fixed Cost: Businesses pay a set amount, which helps with budgeting.
Predictable Results: Businesses know how often their ad will be shown.

Google Ads
What are Google Ads?
Google  Ads is a more general advertising platform. It allows businesses to  create ads that appear on Google's search results and other places  across the internet. Google Ads can target people based on various  factors like keywords, interests, and location. They appear below the  Google Local Guaranteed ads, as well as in the Google map if you so  choose.

How do they work?
Google Ads operates  on a pay-per-click (PPC) model. This means businesses only pay when  someone clicks on their ad. They bid on keywords relevant to their  business. The higher the bid and the more relevant the ad, the more  likely it is to be shown. The cost can vary depending on how competitive  the keyword is.

Benefits of Google Ads:
Wide Reach: Ads can appear not just locally but also globally, reaching a larger audience. However, you can target only your area.
Targeting Options: Businesses can target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors.
Flexible Budgeting: Businesses can set daily budgets and adjust them as needed.

Key Differences
Cost Structure: Guaranteed Local Ads have a fixed cost, while Google Ads are based on a bidding system and charge per click.
Audience: Guaranteed Local Ads target local customers, whereas Google Ads can  target a broader audience if desired, both locally and globally.

Budget Control: With Guaranteed Local Ads, the cost is predictable. Google Ads offer  more flexibility but can be less predictable in terms of spending.

In  summary, Guaranteed Local Ads are ideal for local businesses looking  for predictable costs and a local audience. Google Ads, on the other  hand, offer broader reach and flexible targeting options, suitable for  businesses aiming for a wider or more specific audience. Both have their  own strengths and can be chosen based on the business’s specific needs.