The Importance of a SEO Company Giving You a Weekly Report.

It is amazing to me how many clients come to Ambitious Web having paid other SEO companies and they have never been given a report from the past SEO companies they use. Of the few that did get a report, they were very complicated and hard to understand, so most of our new clients say they never looked at them. What??? Nothing explains the progress of your site’s search engines rankings as a report. You need to get two distinctly different types of reports from your SEO company.

1. Weekly report – this report should include a very easy chart showing your clicks, placement and progress (whether you moved up or down) in search engines in the last 7 days. This report will fluctuate each week, as search engines results change each week, but it is an easy way to track steady progress on keywords that you are working on. Also, it gives you details when asking your SEO company for support or clarification. So instead of asking “how am I doing under a keyword”.. you can ask… “I noticed that we are moving up about 1 or 2 spots every 2 or 3 weeks… is this the steady rate we want?” This leads to a much more detailed conversation with your SEO company. It also reminds you each week of the words they are working on. We make sure our clients receive one every week… and know to call us if they don’t.

2. Monthly review – this report is different as it shows the progress per month. AND, once if the company has the data, they should show you this months results compared to last months and last years. This report should actually be a REVIEW not a report. This is where the SEO company should send a PERSONAL review with the report stating what they worked on and the results from it. Also, what they plan on doing for this review and why. This is the one report you really need to look at every month. However, I know that our clients are very busy (usually due to our great SEO) so if there is a question or something that needs to be paid attention to we put NOTICE OR QUESTIONS in all caps in the subject. Again, communication is the key to successful SEO.

Remember, search engines algorithms are constantly changing and that affects your placement and is the reason for the placement changing every few weeks. You need a SEO company that will not only keep your site optimized for search engines, but show you in reporting how effective it is. Also, they should TELL YOU what they are doing to achieve top placement on your keywords. It’s not magic to place on search engines… just a lot of work and effort. Communication between the client and the SEO company is imperative for there to be steady progress on search engines ranks. And once you are on the top, you want a company that will work hard to keep you there. Your SEO company should be the one checking your progress and reporting it to you. YOU should not be having to ask them how you are doing.

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Marilyn Boyce
Owner/President of Ambitious Web Services