Six Things to Know When Hiring an SEO Company

#1 Remember Content is King. You must have keywords in your text. Keywords are vital when it comes to moving up the search engines search engine.

#2 Metatags DO NOT affect placement. This is very old school.

#3 Code must be recent – search engines can’t see your “design” – only the code.

#4 Beware of any company emailing you for SEO that has specifics about your company such as “you are on page 10 of search engines” (generic info). Any good online marketing company with many clients usually has plenty of business from current clients and an analysis is needed from a SEO expert to determine what will work for your site.

#5 All sites and companies are different. What works for one WILL NOT work for everyone. search engines has made sure that the only way good search engine placement is achieved is through writing Good Content, having the latest code, and doing the myriad of other things necessary to get a client place.

#6 MAKE SURE they send you weekly and monthly reports that are understandable. If you don’t understand it and can’t get an explanation, then you have no idea the progress you are making. We are still amazed at how many clients come to us that have no idea how SEO works and have been paying for it for years. You will be informed of not just WHAT we are doing, but WHY we are doing it.

#7 Beware of any company that professes to place your business without working on your site.

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