How to Pick the Right Tulsa SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more important than ever for business owners. Potential customers are searching online for product information or business services at a greater rate than in past years. If you own a business and you provide a service or a product that customers will search online for then you need great SEO service. Here are the four critical things to look for concerning digital marketing.


First, the quantity and quality of content on your website is PARTICULARLY important. search engines places a high priority on good content. The better the content the better search engines will place you on their search engine. This makes sense when you think about it as search engines can’t “SEE” your site, but rather can rank you by your content. Thus, giving their site visitors the proper sites to view while searching for a particular keyword. So you will want to look for a Tulsa SEO company that writes good, unique content for your site.


Not only do you need your listing to show on search engines, but you also need to make sure that your search engines Listing entices the potential client to call you, or to click on the listing. A good SEO company will work with you on not just getting ranked, but also make sure that YOUR selling brand is also represented. Also, you want to make sure that the SEO company writes correct meta-titles and descriptions. Too many companies have incorrect meta-titles and descriptions listed and it hurts them. It’s one of the most overlooked SEO features.


search engines invented the concept of ranking your site listing based on how many other sites link TO your site. One way links are essential, so please ask your SEO company how they plan to achieve this. Directory listings alone are NOT enough. Also, your business really needs to be linked to other businesses for great promotion. Doing this will get your business’s name and information out there for more people to see. This really does make a big difference in getting you placed higher on the search engines search engine.


Whatever you do, look for an SEO company that understands that each client is unique, and each client has its own needs. SEO is not a one size fits all answer. It should be customized for each individual business. search engines’s algorithms are so complex that it is impossible for any SEO company to be able to promote all their clients by doing the same thing on each one. This forces Tulsa SEO companies, like Ambitious Web, to work hard on making sure the site truly sells what it’s service or product and that it meets their tough criteria. There is a myriad of things that cause each individual site to rank in the order that it does on search engines, and a great SEO company knows this and works hard to meet each clients’ needs as well as search engines’s strict guidelines.


It is astounding to see how many clients come to us from other SEO companies that have had zero reports to show their progress. Easy to read reports are essential for the clients to understand their progress. At Ambitious Web, we pride ourselves on always giving our clients an automatic weekly report as well as a Monthly SEO review report showing the progress that’s been made, the work to be done, and strategies that Ambitious Web recommends. Without this, you truly have no idea how well you are progressing.

Marilyn, the owner of Ambitious Web, has always understood that a website that makes no money and doesn’t sell the product or service well is useless and strives to make sure that all sites not only sell the product well but sell it on search engines as well. Since 1999 we have built hundreds of sites that place well on search engines – including search engines. We understand that search engines is truly the one search engine you MUST be placed on in order to gain sales and work hard to make sure that all our clients not only sell their product or service in a beautiful design but that it places well and can be seen by those searching for their product or service!