Responsive Web Design

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design, in a nutshell, is a method of creating a website that is based on framework that responds to your user's screen size, device and orientation. This allows your clientele to view your website via a mobile device horizontally or vertically and the framework automatically adjusting to their view. New devices are appearing on the market even faster than before. Responsive web design allows you to stay ahead of the curve. When properly introduced, a responsive framework should automatically adjust for current and future devices. This is why it is so important to use the latest technology when considering a Tulsa web design company.

Search Engine Placement & Responsive Design

Responsive web design is so important that recent Google algorithms have stated that they will be penalizing websites that do not utilize a responsive platform.

Key Factors When Choosing Responsive Design

Bad navigation is the number one reason visitors leave websites. While each site is custom, it is imperative that the navigation always be in the same place on each page. Whether it is on the top, left, or right side does not matter. Our custom web design company never recommends having links on the bottom as the customer has to scroll many times to see it. Consistency is the key.

History tells us that we have five to ten seconds to get visitors to stay on a web site. Therefore, never lose focus about why visitors need your services above your competitors. Typed text is the first thing to show on a web site, so try and have a 'catch phrase' on your home page that gets your visitors to continue reading and visiting the entire web site.

If search engines are important to your online presence, it is imperative that your web site be built for Google. Google has strict web design requirements. We stay up to date on and keep our customers informed when their web site no longer meets that criteria. We not only strive to get your web site listed in the top 5, but we will assist you with a link strategy and how it helps you with your internet marketing and Tulsa internet marketing or SEO Tulsa or Tulsa web design and any other help needed.