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kind words from clients

Thank you so much and keep up the excellent work. I am very glad that I chose Ambitious Web to take care of my site and SEO!

Jeff | Allen Co. Of Portland

It is SO refreshing to do business with a competent and like-minded group like Ambitious Web…..y’all are good people :). We are very proud to be partnered with you folks and look forward to strengthening our business relations on all front.

Caleb | BlueFin

I think Ambitious Web needs the "good job" award. You are the ones working on the rankings. I don't even know how all this works and I am very appreciative for all the good work you do for me and my site.

Jim | Dental Confessions

I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for a great job on my site. It's been 6 months since we started BlackMesaVapors.com . It's been a great success so far! All updates and changes we have asked for have been prompt and to our liking. Ambitious Web has the best web designers and customer service that I've dealt with in a very long time. Thank you!

Chris | Black Mesa Vapors

Being this was my first experience at building a website, I was not to sure what to expect but I was very happy with my experience. What I value the most is their ability to grasp the concept that we were wanting for our website and their communication with me during the entire process. I am really impressed with the open communication between Ambitious and myself. I always felt informed and felt like all my wants and needs were met completely. Thank You.

Earl | Mid America Feeds

I love the website. All of you did an awesome job. One of my friends looked at it and said it looked like me. Liz did an excellent job. Natalie, bless her heart, has been so patient. She is a good teacher. It has been a great experience. Thanks to everyone. Awesome job!

Lana | Madison Place Pattern Company

I have now worked with Ambitious on 3 different websites and 2 of these have had multiple redesigns. Each time I work with the staff I always wonder if the next time will be any different and I'm always overwhelmed and amazed the re-works or new projects are always better than before. The attention to detail and exceptional customer service is second to none. On all my projects I have worked with Ambitious Web and I can truly say there isn't a better designer. Projects are always on time if not ahead of schedule. Anytime there is a question or might be a delay I'm the first one to know and there are never excuses for anything. The entire staff at Ambitious is what small business is all about. The customer comes first but building a relationship with each and every client is most important. I truly enjoy working with everyone at Ambitious and would recommend them to anyone. I provide a huge thank you to Ambitious in making my job easier and enjoyable while working on my projects.

Steve | Forest Ridge

Working with Ambitious Web has been a real treat! They are very talented at what they do and have designed the perfect site for me and my products. It's exactly what I wanted!

Mikayla | Kay's Beaded Jewelry

I sincerely appreciate the help and assistance that Ambitious as a team provided to me in setting up my website and getting all of issues taken care of. The whole project turned out to be fantastic and I've gotten really good reviews about the work Ambitious has done in designing the website. Great job everybody! Once again, a sincere thank you and I'm sure we will all work on a new project sooner or later.

Guarav | Ambe Oilfield Services

We are finding that the new web design and the web support is really working well for us in the international markets. I have been so pleased to see that we are now showing up on the first page of search engines!

Michelle | Witt Lining Systems

Ambitious Web has always been a strong partner for OCV, but I feel the staff has gone above and beyond on this project. I just want to take a moment to recognize your efforts and tell you thank you. I appreciate your staff and without your dedication and problem solving, our website would not be ready for release. I couldn't have done it without Ambitious Web.

Lori | OCV Control Valves

I am totally impressed with the proficiency of Ambitious Web! You have accomplished in a few months what I have been unable to achieve in 4-5 years of dealing with web site construction. The site is professional looking while still maintaining the sense of whimsy I wanted, and it works wonderfully. I feel very confident to have it go live, and know that any problems that may come up will be taken care of immediately. Thank you so much for your work, and for your unbelievable speed; and all this for a price less than what I thought it would be!

Chris | Sew Flakes Fabrics

We greatly appreciate everyone's assistance in setting up our website. Everyone has been so very willing to help us. I think it will be fun to update the pictures.

Linda | D&L Arabians

I just wanted to tell you that since we've been working on the Write on tags keywords, I have been getting more calls on these types of tags which have resulted in orders so whatever you did on those keywords is working, I just wanted to let you know that and to say thanks for what you do.

Debbie | Tag Place

Well I guess you have done it again. We are very pleased with our new Glass Veranda site and after only being up for a few weeks we have already booked some events through the site with many other inquiries. Not to get all mushy but Ambitious Web is simply wonderful. Their creative expertise along with superb customer service makes any changes or new creative exciting. In our line of work that cannot be said about every project let alone other suppliers. Ambitious Web has once again exceeded expectations on the design and ease of launching our 2nd website with your company. Thank you for making this development an easy one and always having an open door to ideas and/or suggestions on how we can work together to make our two sites be the best. As marketing manager it sure makes my job a lot easier when I am able to work with professionals such as Ambitious Web. Thank you yet again for making this process a smooth one and delivering on time the requested project. I look forward to working with you on future revisions and changes to our sites. Congratulations, on yet another site where you should be very proud.

Steve | Glass Veranda

WOW... The staff at Ambitious Web are doing a great job designing our new website for Gold Star Referral Clubs. What amazes me most is they "get me". The Ambitious Web staff has caught the vision of Gold Star and is helping to take us to the next level. I talk and they scribble on a notepad and shazam... all my ideas show up on the website. I ask... "Is this possible?" and they figure it out. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ambitious Web to any business.

Beth | Gold Star

There's so much I can say about Ambitious Web. I usually don't write recommendations unless a company has really gone above and beyond normal standards and that is exactly what Ambitious Web has done. From the beginning when I first talked ideas with AWS, to the end of the project when they put the site live, I was stunned by the detail and personal service the team provided. The best part of Ambitious Web is that they have the warming personal service and interaction of a small business with the efficiency, quality, and professionalism of a large corporation. To say that I got my money's worth is an understatement! I know the Ambitious Web team will be there to help me with the site when needed and will be the team of choice for future projects!! Thanks again!

Rob | Rated Gear

I really love the site - it is PERFECT! Ambitious Web was absolutely fabulous to work with. I love your creativity! Thank you guys very much for your help on this project!

Cherlyn | Alternative Designs

As webmaster for the site, I want to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation for so smoothly moving our website to your steady server at Ambitious Web Hosting last month. We did not lose one order during the transition, and all of us TennisHut still can't believe the transition went off without a hitch. We were stuck in a hosting-from-hell situation, and you were there for us during the crisis, overseeing the switch from bad host to good host and assuring us every step of the way. And not to be overlooked was your ability to figure out the nuances of TennisHut's existing .asp shopping cart language and to tweak and tweak the code until the site worked flawlessly on your server. We look forward to many years of steady and competent hosting with your company, as well as redesigning TennisHut's shopping cart with your software enhancements. We can't tell you what a relief it is to finally have our website hosted with a host who actually cares whether it works or not, and is readily available for support. Thanks again Ambitious Web!

Amy | Tennis Hut

Ambitious Web Services created a beautiful and professional website for my company. I only wish I had come to them in the first place! Their service has been impeccable. Help with questions has always been there when needed. My next business venture will be with them. Ambitious Web Services is a company to grow with!

Claudia | Southwest Silver Gallery

I am so happy with the Search Engine Optimization, you guys are doing a great job!!!

Paul | Carpet Renovations

After an exhaustive national wide search for a company that could overhaul our company's six websites, we found Ambitious Web Services. I feel that the entire staff, from the design team to the programmers to the owner have met and exceeded our expectations. Our business is heavily dependent on the internet to get our companies message to our clients all over the world. Ambitious Web Services is one of our most crucial and reliable vendors. It's nice to work with a web hosting/web design company that truly understands and produce cutting edge technology websites. Thanks Ambitious Web for all you do for us always on such short notice.

Joel | Elite Sports International

I only wish I had discovered Ambitious Web Services when I first began the venture of creating a website for my company. I started with very little knowledge of the whole process and learned many hard lessons along the way. Frustrated, I began to search for a company that could provide all the services I needed and not break my bank account in the process. After the first call I made to Ambitious Web, I immediately felt like this is the company I want to do business with. The staff followed through with everything that was promised and more. I absolutely love the shopping cart, it is very user friendly and has all the bells and whistles you could ever wish for. I would like to say thanks to all of the courteous staff at Ambitious Web Services, you have well exceeded my expectations.

Shelly | Baskets To Treasure

I came to Ambitious Web Services 3 years ago with 1 website. I now have 4 sites with them. Out of the 4 sites that I currently have, 3 of them share the same database yet work independently of each other. Ambitious Web Services has created a custom software program that allows me to administer all 3 sites under one administration, saving me countless hours and money. I can always count on having a friendly and courteous Ambitious Web Services employee to answer my questions and make suggestions on saving even more time by creating future software.

Dave | Inflate It Advertising

We purchased our first site from a client of Ambitious Web Service's. We had no previous knowledge of how to run a website, much less promote it. Ambitious Web helped educate us on what we needed to do to have a successful website. Our site was so successful using Ambitious Web Service's shopping cart, that we increased our site to include 3 additional sites and even created and sold an additional one. All Ambitious Web Services employees have a sense of urgency when dealing with questions and/or issues that we may have. Each request is always handled promptly and correctly. Their cart (which is a multi-site cart) has saved us hours in data entry. Each employee at Ambitious Web Services has been extremely knowledgeable about the cart and easy to work with when we have questions. Their ability to analyze our data entry system and alter the cart to save us time and data entry is immeasurable. Since hosting with Ambitious Web Services, we've had no downtime and our sites always load quickly.

Tania | All Sexy Shoes

We have used Ambitious Web Services for many years and are extremely happy with both our website design and the service that we receive. The staff is quick to respond to our website needs; and they are always kind and helpful in the process. We highly recommend Ambitious Web Services.

David | Oasis Radio Network

Ambitious Web Services has been a blessing to me! After working with other web hosts on the internet, I love the personal touch of Ambitious Web Services. You can always get a real person on the phone to help you solve a problem or to make changes to your site. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. They offer a wide range of services and are always offering new web features to keep our sites up to date. I have been pleased with Ambitious Web Services for several years now.

Linda | The Word In Music

Thanks so much for your awesome web design and construction and hosting!! I have personally recommended Ambitious Web Services to many professionals. I really believe you are the best! I continually receive awesome comments on our website! We are very proud of our web site! Thanks again from a very satisfied customer!

Judy | Blessetti's Italian Food

I just wanted to say the staff did an awesome job! The design team did an awesome homepage for me in which I am taking his design and doing a vinyl banner with it for the dog shows! The staff was absolutely awesome on walking me through the steps and setting everything up for me an making it so easy to update my site. Honestly I was scared it was going to be a pain but my five year old twins could do it now! They were always professional answering my calls and helping with all types of questions. Overall I kick myself for not coming to you sooner! Please tell your staff I am very pleased and very impressed! Overall Thank You Guys So Much!

Rocky | Powerhouse Pit Bulls

I really can't say enough about Ambitious Web! They rescued us from a failing site and brought us back into operation in no time. They have been a true blessing to our company and a joy to work with. Ambitious Web created a front-end and back-end management program for our company and they not only took exactly what we needed and implemented into our site but they have also directed us with their experience and creativity to develop a smoothly functioning site. We will continue to work with Ambitious Web and would recommend their services highly. Thank you for all you do. We greatly appreciate your company. You are all so efficient and professional & most of all TALENTED!! Thank you for the little features like the promotions ranking and the ticket system - You have taken our ideas and put it to life!!!!

Adrienne | Seeking Sitters

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