Why Good Content is Important for SEO

One of the hardest issues that SEO companies face is getting good content from the clients. But good content is important. Your clients that are reviewing your site are looking for information about your services and products. The more you give them the better your response from traffic. In addition, having a lot of content helps the SEO company have more content to work with when adding your keywords to the site. This helps you attain better search engines rank on your keywords.

Most SEO companies will tell you to send them the information without worrying about adding keywords. They are looking for details on how you sell the service or product. It’s easy to ADD keywords to content… but very difficult to write it when you don’t sell the product or service.

Now, if you are too busy or don’t have the skills to write good content, you may have information already at your fingertips. Many times we get content for the site from our clients brochures, flyers, etc. So anything you have in print please be sure and send it to your SEO company. Trust me, any information you have will help them.

And if you use a marketing company consider having the SEO department reach out to them. This utilizes both the SEO and marketing services you use and a much better result comes from using them together.

Content will always be important to your search engines rank. Any company that tells you they can do your SEO without changing your content is wrong. search engines wants text as it uses that to rank you. It’s not the only factor in your rank, but it is the biggest. So reach out to your SEO company and send them any information you have.

If you have questions, you can always call me, Marilyn Boyce. Owner and Tulsa digital marketing expert. 918-688-9405. Always happy to help!