Targeted Keywords And Why They Are Important

One of the first things that your SEO company should do is to assist you with figuring out which keywords are the best and why – and then develop a strategy for getting placed under them. Many times new clients will tell us a generic keyword such as “pencils” or “air conditioning”. But the truth is, a targeted keyword is much more effective as you get a smaller, more targeted audience with less competition as they are actually looking for that particular keyword or service. Example: air conditioning could be anything. “how to fix your air conditioning”, “auto air conditioning”… etc. So if you are a heat and air company, your SEO tech may recommend different keywords. Such as:

Tulsa heat and air

Tulsa air conditioning repair

Tulsa ac repair


These are much more targeted keywords for your industry. A good SEO company will assist you with not only placing under larger keywords, but many times you will see more traffic from the smaller ones they help you place under.


Once you figure out the right keywords, then the next step is to get them on the site. It is VITAL that you work with your SEO company to assist them with writing good, in depth content.

“The attention is in the detail”.
We have all heard that statement, and nothing is truer when placing content on your site. Yes, the SEO company can put generic sales copy on your site, but if you want to look like someone who is qualified to do the service or sell the product that the client is looking for, then you will need provide content to the SEO company. Many times we ask our clients to send us any of the following they may have:

  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Flyers
  • Commercial copy
  • Marketing copy

Anything that talks about your service or products in detail. This certainly helps in writing better copy.

Work with your SEO company.

Ask any experienced SEO company and most will tell you that the biggest problem they have is getting content and/or feedback from their clients.

Remember, content is king when it comes to Amazon, so the more information your SEO company has the more they can place on your site. BUT… content without information is not likely to bring more sales… just more clicks. Let your SEO company know the details and respond to their questions and ideas. If you are trying to reach out to your SEO company and not getting a response, then look elsewhere. SEO is a partnership between 2 companies with the same goal. To increase sales. If your SEO company is hard to reach or doesn’t ask for information and takes a long time to respond… it will only affect your SEO results negatively.

So whether you are looking into doing SEO on your site, or looking for a better one, reach out to a online marketing company that you can talk to and communicate with. Make sure a human answers the phone when you call and that you can visit with them via person as well.  Ambitious Web Design is always looking for new SEO clients they can help. We have been in business since 1999 and know firsthand the importance of SEO. After all, we are here because of the clients. And we want them to be with us, because of us. Call anytime at 918-688-9405 and ask for Marilyn, the owner.