Crucial SEO Strategies That Don't Involve Content.

We preach content, content, content to our clients. And it IS important, but are you neglecting these other very importan critical factors in your site?


1. Page Loading Speed:

With the rise of mobile devices and our ever-decreasing attention span, Google now considers page load speed a crucial component in how your site ranks. This makes sense for anyone that uses the web a great deal. Slow sites are not only painful and frustrating, with thousands of sites that compete with yours, it is far too easy for users to just leave.


2. Mobile Responsiveness:

Google now not only request that your site be responsive, they punish sites that are not responsive. If you have delayed getting your unresponsive site redesigned for any reason it will impact your placement. There is no better time to act now, before you see the repercussions of delaying this important piece of SEO.


3. Local SEO Optimization

This is perhaps one of the best reasons for seeking out a SEO company that can show you great local results in your area. Someone that understands the workings of your location and builds SEO for the location. Many site owners overlook this aspect, but for local services the stakes could not be higher. Speak to your SEO company to see what they are doing for local results, and make sure that your reporting reflects local placement - not just national.


While content is still king in placement, ignoring the needs above could have detrimental results on your placement. Reach out to your SEO company if they are ignoring these crucial aspects. Feel free to call us anytime for a free evaluation. We are glad to help!