Ambitious Web Design Turning 21!

It all started in July of 1999. Back then our young company consisted of Marilyn, the founder, working from home. Websites were new and exciting and she wanted to offer the ability for small businesses to have a website. This was during the “dot com” boom and most companies were charging large amounts of money – all while very few searches were being done and companies were losing thousands. Marilyn knew that companies must make money and foresaw the “crash” that was inevitable. So she devised a way to create smaller, clean websites for far less money than the competitors and set off to offer it to all small businesses. Her 3rd client wanted to “sell” on the web, so she discovered the world of eCommerce and soon set off to create her own shopping cart. This demand was so great that within 2 years she had grown to need an office and employees. There was so much excitement as smaller companies could now compete with the major organizations as they had not, at that time, really spent much effort on the web. Several years later that all changed, but today those same clients are still competing, and surviving, Even against Amazon and Wal-Mart and other organizations thanks to Ambitious Web’s tireless efforts in Tulsa SEO and Tulsa web design. We still have our first 3 clients!

The internet was still young, and most people were just getting online with their personal computers. Smart Phones weren’t even out yet! But with a vision and a lot of ambition, Ambitious Web took off and grew even when other dot com companies were failing. Why? Not only did we have ambition, but we had knowledge and filled a need. Answering our clients questions.  Now the questions were very different then. We answered a lot of basic questions that pertained more to computers, and the “oh so confusing” emails and Outlook. In fact, most of our questions that we answered were about how to operate computers, emails, printers. You could say we were the “personal search engine” of Tulsa, long before search engines became popular. We spent many hours teaching our clients how to email, attach files to an email, set up their printers, and of course how the internet and their websites worked. Today, those questions are rare, but we still assist with new phone settings and other technical issues that our clients have with the rapid pace of today’s technology.

Today, we still educate our clients, but it’s quite different. Marilyn is still amazed at how many new clients the company gets that still don’t understand websites; how the website and SEO actually works, and what to do in making it profitable. But she soon gets to work making sure that clients know not only what we are doing for the website and SEO, but why we do it. We consider ourselves “team members” when it comes to clients. We are here to help them grow their business. And as most things in life, we believe that knowledge is key. The more they work with us and understand, the higher the rewards of our work. We still proudly provide personal one on one training for our clients and strive to be the best tech company in Tulsa when it comes to performance and customer service. We look forward to seeing where we go in the next 21 years. The future looks bright and we are proud to be one of the longest running web design company in Tulsa! Also, when it comes to Tulsa SEO we are the company with the most experience!