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Ambitious Cart is one of the most highly developed and feature rich shopping carts on the market today. Ambitious Design Service is constantly adding additional features and improving existing ones so contact us if you don't see a feature you need. Since the shopping cart was developed in 2000, Ambitious Web Services has continued to add features to enrich both the display and administration areas. Please click here to visit ASC Cart for complete information.

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The Ambitious ecommerce shopping cart comes complete with free installation* and the standard features listed below for a one-time fee of $350. We require that you host with us in order to use the ASC Cart. Click here for more information on our web hosting services. We also have many additional features available for purchase.

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Standard Shopping Cart Features

General Features

  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Items/Products
  • Unlimited Attributes (options for each item)
  • Combo Attributes
  • FREE UNLIMITED UPGRADES for all customers using our online standard shopping cart software.
  • Cart can be used for multiple sites! One cart handles all sites, while each site works independently of the other. There is one administration to manage all websites.
  • A complete HTML catalog created with one click from your database. Our cart creates one OPTIMIZED html page for EACH of your products. Boost your sales with better placement on the search engines! 
  • Accepts the following online verification.
      Basic Paypal
      E-Processing Network
  • Accepts the CCVV2 Enabled credit card check. (optional)
  • Fully customizable with your own HTML, graphics, java, JavaScript, and embedded objects, including the fonts on the cart.
  • Customization available on our shopping cart software for an additional fee.
  • Ability to place the cart in Display Mode Only - for those wanting to display items, but not have the ability to order online.
  • Multi-Level Pricing.  Price of product based on amount of product ordered.
  • Shared SSL (secure socket layer) provided by Ambitious Web. A savings of up to $200 per year!

Product Features

  • Your choice of 4 displays on your product pages.
  • Products can be displayed as wholesale, retail, and/or returning customers.
  • Products can be displayed in 1, 2, or 3 columns.
  • Link to any one product in the cart.
  • Easily link to any page in your website, great for showing color charts, product specs, etc.
  • Built-in catalog search engine for website.
  • Document uploads - up to 2 per product. Great for instruction manuals, specification documents, etc.
  • Place a 'no picture available' graphic on items that don't contain pics, or you can simply have that area not appear.
  • Suggestive sell - select which items to suggest with each product. You can also customize the design of the suggestive sell box.
  • INVENTORY CONTROL - Tracks the inventory and warns customer when they are ordering an item that is out of stock and places a custom message on the basket and order page.
  • Product deadline - enter a date and after that date occurs, product will no longer display on the website, making it unable to be purchased.
  • Ability to change meta tags for each product.

Category Features

  • MULTI-LEVEL Categories!
  • Categories can be displayed in 1, 2, or 3 columns.
  • Link to one category
  • 3 display options.
  • Categories shown on display page as a "breadcrumb trail", allowing for extremely easy navigation.
  • Up to 3 category images
  • Category description
  • Password protection. You can require a user enter a password to view the products in a category
  • Document uploads. Great for instruction manuals, specification documents, etc.
  • Dynamically driven vertical navigation bar. When a category is added into the cart through the administration, it appears in the navigation bar on your website. It can even flow out to show your subcategories.
  • Confirmation email message. Appears in the email receipt to the customer.
  • Ability to change meta tags for each category.

Admin Features

  • One free personal training on cart
  • Easy to use shopping cart web administration for all features including photo upload.
    Click here for sample.
  • Extensive product search feature.
  • Complete with Secure Socket Layers and digital IDs (for security)
  • 8 shipping options with each one offering additional shipping methods.
    You can also 'pad' the shipping price to any item.
  • Sales tax for U.S. States or other country provinces.
  • Country tax percentage.
  • The ability to turn shipping off if you don't charge shipping and the ability to have FREE SHIPPING.
  • The ability to place text on your final receipt page, checkout page, and the customers email confirmation.
  • Download your sales and place them in the UPS software that prints the labels for you. No more double entry on UPS labels.
  • One product placed in multiple categories on our easy shopping cart admin.
  • Search order feature offering multiple ways to search your orders. Perfect for high volume shopping cart websites looking for e-commerce shopping carts.
  • Attach a file to your receipt email. Perfect for those selling downloadable products.
  • View as many items and products as you want per page on the admin.
  • Across the board changes for pricing, shipping, descriptions and many other fields.

Customer Features

  • Your customers have the ability to upload files if you sell customized products.
  • Returning Customer login that shows orders that the customer has placed with you. There is a place for your special message as well.
  • Wholesale/Dealer Login to purchase the product at their special pricing.
  • Complete FAQ and Knowledgebase. You determine where you want them placed. Either under retail, wholesale, or returning customers or all.
  • Discount Code - give a discount to certain customers
  • Gift Card - Can be turned on or off
  • Send attachments with purchase to customer.
  • All orders are followed with an email receipt to the customer as well as 2 notification email addresses in your company. Also contains the ability to place a personal message in the email receipt that customer receives after placing order.
  • Error checking on customer input - helps to decrease errors.
  • Easy shopping cart customer interface and checkout for your customers.

Search Engine Features

  • HTML catalog - You can create 1 HTML page for ever product in your cart with the click of a button.
  • Product keyword phrase and paragraph fields.
  • Unique meta tags for each product
  • Unique meta tags for each category

Shipping Features

  • Flat Rate - shipping is the same for every order, no matter how large or small.
  • Per Item - shipping is charged by a flat rate plus an extra charge for each item in the order.
  • By Weight - shipping is charged by a flat rate plus an additional rate by the total weight of the order.
  • Percentage - shipping is charged by a flat rate plus a percentage of the total cost of the order.
  • Price Range - shipping is determined by the price of the order.
  • Quantity Range - shipping is determined by the quantity of the order.
  • By Individual Items - each item has a shipping charge attached to it.
  • UPS Live (see additional features)
  • FedEx Live (see additional features)
  • USPS Live (see additional features)
  • Ability to specify free shipping on certain products while the rest of the products use your selected shipping method.
  • Allows for international shipping.
  • specify a minimum shipping charge.
  • Specify a max shipping charge.
  • Turn off the ability to have a different ship to address. For those wanting more control over credit card fraud.


When you purchase our shopping cart you will receive one free personal training session and unlimited free phone and email support. Our support staff are both knowledgeable and helpful. We want you to succeed and will do anything we can to help make that happen.

Additional Features

The following features are available for purchase. All prices listed are one time fees for one site only. Many features are available at a discounted rate when purchasing them for multiple sites.

Auto Image Sizer

This is a huge time saver! When you upload an image the cart automatically sizes and optimizes a small and large image for the product.

Multiple Images

The ASC cart comes with one thumbnail that links to a large picture. With the multiple images feature, you can have up to 11 additional pictures with each product.

Image Swap

When viewing the large image on a product, it will show thumbnail images of all the other images you've uploaded for that product. When you hover your mouse over the thumbnail image, it will 'swap out' the large image shown above to be the one that you're hovering over. In order for this new image swap feature to work, you must also have the multiple images feature.

**Can specify whether the thumbnail images appear vertically beside the large image, or underneath it.

Image Zoom

When a user mouses over the large image, the image has a 'zoom' effect and opens a close-up version of that area of the image. In order to use this feature, you must also purchase the auto image sizer ($100).

Google+ button

Let visitors recommend your products on Google Search and share it on Google+. The button appears on every product in your cart.

Facebook Like button

Each product has the Like button to allow shoppers to easily share your products on their Facebook page.

Twitter Tweet button

Each product has the Tweet button for shoppers to quickly post about your product.

Pinterest Pin It button

Each product has the Pin It button for users to add to one of their Pinterest boards.

Vendor/Brand Search

Adds ability for a customer to search the products associated with a particular vendor/brand.

My Favorites

Gives your customers the ability to create a list of favorite items. Great time saver for returning customers!

Wish List/Registry

Let your customers create a registry and have their family and friends order what they have previously selected.

Sample Product

Add a sample to the product for the customer to purchase. You can either charge or make it free. No need to create another product for the sample, with one click it will add a sample to that product!

Advanced Search

The ASC cart comes with a free search function that has a text box so your customer can type in a keyword(s) and it will search the products in your database. The search function searches the following fields: product name, description, keyword phrases, and attributes and their associated values. However, with the advanced search you can add any number of dropdowns you wish as well as the ability to search by price and categories.

Free Gift Discount

Offer a free gift when the customer places an order that meets the required purchase amount that you set. It even reminds the customer at checkout! For example, if you have a FREE set of tennis shorts for each purchase over $100.00 it will tell them what they can have free if they order $5 more (if they ordered $95 worth of products)

Employee Orders

Allows your employees to login and place orders through your shopping cart faster when a client calls in. Since our cart is multi-store you can now login and order from one place for all sites! Your employee can override the price if you want to give a 'special' discount to call-in orders or certain customers.

UPS Live

Gives your customer the ability to put in their zip code and get a quote from UPS on shipping live. Comes with the ability to 'pad' the quote without the customer knowing. This does not require you to have a UPS account.

FedEx Live

Gives your customer the ability to put in their zip code and get a quote from FedEx on shipping live. Comes with the ability to 'pad' the quote without the customer knowing. Integrates with your FedEx account.

Affiliate Program

Have other website owners bring you business! You can specify the commission percent to give them per order. Affiliates can login and see the amount they've earned.

Gift Certificate System

Allow your customers to purchase certificates in denominations you choose. The recipients of the gift certificates can use the certificate over multiple orders. The ASC Cart keeps track of the balance on the certificate.

Visit Our Ambitious Shopping Cart Website to View Complete Information about our Cart. We are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Part of Ambitious Design

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*Free installation applies to sites designed by Ambitious Web only. If the client is using their own design or a template, installation is $75/hour.